Welcome to The Art of Dave Sim.

Best known as the controversial creator of Cerebus the Aardvark, Dave Sim has produced many other works of science fiction and horror.

It is to that volume of work this site is dedicated. That's right, there's no Cerebus here (ok, almost none). Most of it was done prior to Cerebus, but this collection serves as a reminder that Sim is more than a "one-trick-pony". He is currently publishing "glamourpuss."

This is strictly a fan's tribute, and no profits are made or donations requested. Only works that were written, or drawn by Sim are pictured. Works where he inked or lettered are noted only. Credits are given as completely as possible, along with the publication where the work appeared.

If there is a problem with the items pictured, please don't hesitate to email me and I will remove them.

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Special thanks to Brian Coppola, Margaret Liss, John Cothran, Jim Keegan, Jon Barli, Linda Soeder, John Q. Adams, Richard Arndt, Dan Marcoux, Christoph McNeill, Dave Sim, James Waley, Roger Reus and others for helping me gather the images.


Jeff Tundis

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