Hot Wacks

Hot Wacks Quarterly is a magazine devoted to vinyl LP collectors (bootlegs, promos, picture discs, etc). From issue #1 (Winter, 1979) to #8 (Fall, 1981), Dave Sim was listed in the credits under "artwork." The magazine also contains a lot of T&A and is quite possible what Deni was referring to in her Blake Bell interview as the "soft core" magazine that Dave contributed work to.

Here is a rundown of the Dave Sim work therein.

Starting with issue one, we have the logo in classic ComicGraphics era style. Next, we have this great piece, which I'll call "Cocksucker Blues" - as that's the name of the Rolling Stones article that it accompanies. "Proto Mick & Keef."

He also did the headers for the bootleg reviews column, an article about promo counterfeits and the back page "swap meet."

Issue two features repeats of the above material.

Issue three is the first appearance of 'Hard-Boiled' Dick. Here's page one and page two.

Issue four gives us the next installment of 'Hard-Boiled' Dick. Here's page one, and page two.

Issue five. More 'Hard-Boiled' Dick - this time teaming up with Rudy, the World's Rudest Roadie! Here's page one, and page two. There's also this ad for the Hot Wacks T-Shirt.

Issue six gives us the addition of the letters to editor header, and an ad featuring a girl wearing the Hot Wacks T-shirt.

Issue seven features the final installment of 'Hard-Boiled' Dick & Rudy. Here's page one, and page two.

Issue eight features only another photo of another girl in the shirt and the text from the "swap" illustration above. Although Dave Sim still gets the "artwork" credit, it's clear that he's moved on as the 'Hard-Boiled' Dick strip has morphed into Bootleg Dick in the 26th Century, illustrated by Bob Smith.